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Dynamic and competent team is a guarantee of reliable and timely service, which is confirmed by positive opinions from leading car manufacturers. In our everyday work, we combine years of experience in automotive logistics with innovative solutions that facilitate process optimization.

  • Sławomir Kuczyk
    Sławomir Kuczyk
    Administration Director
  • Marcin Wojtczak
    Marcin Wojtczak
    Fleet Manager
  • Cezary Jakubowski
    Cezary Jakubowski
    Workshop Manager
  • Tomasz Bartusiak
    Tomasz Bartusiak
    IT Manager
  • Ewa Szabelska
    Ewa Szabelska
    Vindication Specialist
  • Anna Niedbajnik
    Anna Niedbajnik
    Driver Control Specialist
  • Genowefa Maciaszek
    Genowefa Maciaszek
  • Jolanta Kopała
    Jolanta Kopała
    Maintenance Worker
  • Maybe you?
    Maybe you?
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