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We invite liquid fuel suppliers to cooperate with us

“Wega A” Sp. z o. o. invites liquid fuel wholesalers to cooperate. We are interested in supplying:

  • ekodisel Ultra-F diesel oil qualified on the basis of ZN/ITN-ORLEN/NF-229/2004 in an amount of up to 150,000 liters per month,
  • Light fuel oil ekoterm plus, qualified on the basis of PN-C-96024:2001 for L1 in quantities up to 15,000 per month,
  • Unleaded gasoline 95 E 2.3 qualified on the basis of ZN-ORLEN-38:2004 in quantities up to 5,000 liters per month to the following address: Kalisz ul. Obozowa 38-40.

Establishing cooperation will be possible after mutual exchange of necessary formal documents.An order for fuel delivery will be placed when the price is agreed.

It is possible to negotiate the payment deadline (e.g. shorten it) in exchange for an additional discount.

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