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Drivers. There would be no transport without drivers. The WEGA A drivers highly contribute to the high quality service that WEGA A offers to car producers. They are also the biggest working group in our company. They do well both on the road as well as in life. What makes us see them as absolute DRIVERS ELITE?


WEGA A carcarrier drivers are highly specialized professionals. They take regular trainings that aim to make them prepared for strategic tasks such as: safe loading, secure transport and damage free unloading. New drivers are given comprehensive trainings within Driver Academy that allows them to understand the mission of professional vehicle transport.


WEGA A provides its drivers with the latest generation carcarriers and trailers. We continuously target to have our fleet as modern as possible so that the truck performance as well as safety of the load were WEGA A drivers’ strengths. Well equipped, fully prepared to handle their tasks, WEGA A drivers are set to operate their tools in comfort.


The team that is in charge of arranging and supervising drivers’ tasks is of great support in efficient route planning. This makes us confident WEGA A drivers do not violate any regulations. They drive within daily/ weekly hour limits, do not exceed speed limits as well as are given orders to transport the loads that are kept within maximum truck length and height allowed.


The drivers are taken care of 24/7 by WEGA A logistic department. The team is set to arrange drivers work in regular cycles that are based on contracts with market leaders in car production. The driver will always get support from Kalisz team if needed with load formation, technical problem or communication with customer at a compound. WEGA A is a contractual partner of OEMs such as Daimler, Volkswagen, Iveco or General Motors. Growing portfolio of contracts allows efficient planning of well balanced traffic.


WEGA A drivers are offered very good salaries. All wages are paid fully legally and always on time. Full transparency of salaries enables the drivers to enjoy high base rates for holiday, sickness, retirement benefits as well as reliable creditworthiness. Within special bonus program, WEGA A drivers are paid bonus for exceptional quality performance.

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