P.W. Wega A Sp. z o.o. – Kompleksowa obsługa transportu samochodów. Zapraszamy do współpracy


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    • WE BUILD SAFETY CULTURE: we train employees and involve them to become responsible for safety of work and processes. Each worker gets prepared to personal care about quality and safety of the tasks performed. Personal involvement of each individual WEGA A A employee is absolute key to building working environment based on safety and high quality.
    • WE PLAN AND MANAGE EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT: we provide WEGA A team with professional trainings. We constantly expand employees’ qualifications and skills. We are well aware that the company will grow with the growth of its workers.
    • WE RUN ETHICAL BUSINESS: we are fully transpartent and stick to legal requirements at all times.
    • WE DEVELOP SUPPORT IN UNEXPECTED LIFE SITUATIONS: WEGA A employees who suffer unexpected life experiences will always be supported both by the company as well as co-workers.
    • WE PROMOTE TEAM INTEGRATION AND ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: we support and facilitate smooth link between professional challenges and private life.
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