P.W. Wega A Sp. z o.o. – Kompleksowa obsługa transportu samochodów. Zapraszamy do współpracy


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The WEGA A story is written everyday! Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow …

The history of Wega A
1989 Foundation of the company
1991 Contract with GM
1994 Launch of Distribution Center and Customs Agency in Kalisz
1996 Contract with Daewoo and Launch of Distribution Center near Warsaw
1999 Releasing Agency contract with Opel and launch of Customs Agency at Opel plant in Gliwice. Launch of Distribution Center in Kleszczów Gliwicki
2000 Distribution contract with FIAT
2000 EN ISO 9002 certification
2001 Transport contract with Iveco
2001 ECG membership
2002 EN ISO 9001:2000 certification
2003 Teraz Polska Award for most recognized Polish brands
2006 Transport contract with Toyota
2006 EN ISO 14001:2004 certification
2007 Wega A representative elected ECG Member of the Board
2007 Implementation of ERPII class system by Microsoft Dynamics Nav
2007 Implementation of TRANSICS system integrated with MsDynNav
2008 Transport contracts with Ford and Mitsubishi
2009 Transport contract with VW
2010 Contract with Chevrolet – import, dealer distribution, customs
2011 Transport contract with Daimler
2012 Transport contract with Seat
2015 Releasing Agency contract prolongation with Opel Gliwice
2016 Extension of cooperation with Daimler
2016 Implementation of fleet management system frameLOGIC
2016 Extension of cooperation with Iveco
2016 20 new car carriers and trailers purchased
2016 Quality International awarded in recognition for high quality service
2016 Launch of cooperation with International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław
2017 International transport contract with FIAT
2018 Extension of transport contracts with Opel
2018 Territorial expansion of transport service for Iveco – Germany and Czech Republic markets
2019 Wega sponsors planting of magnolia alley in the center of Kalisz
2019 Starting of cooperation with MAN – export of vehicles
… more to come soon. We are working on it!
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